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About our Products

Power Malt is specifically developed to enhance performance, and it has a higher malt content than its competitors.

Malt is barley which is steeped and allowed to sprout and thereby creating carbohydrates.


Power Malt brews use four different barley malts - with our caramel malt providing a deep, rich creamy flavor.


Power Malt is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are currently one of the most discussed nutrition topics, due to their ability to protect the body against certain types of cancers, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, arthritis, diabetes, and Alzheimer's Disease.


Furthermore Power Malt has natural vitamins which are the energy blocks for a greater performance.


The drink is caffeine and alcohol free, It is perfectly carbonated for quenching thirst and it is made from only the best ingredients – giving you extra energy for maximum performance.


Power Malt exist in both cans and bottles.


All Royal Unibrew malt beverages consist of only the best ingredient.


Enjoy Power Malt ice cold for maximum satisfaction and refreshment.